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Early Morning on Radio Sheffield

Today (Sunday 4th October) one of our trustees, Julie Roberts got up early to talk with Simon Morykin on the Breakfast Programme.  Simon asked Julie what a typical year at HARC would normally be like and how it would be different this year.  Julie said, "I'm not normally at my best at 7:15 on a Sunday morning but Simon was well informed about the project and it was just like having any other chat on Zoom.  Luckily the video was switched off so you couldn't see that I was still in my pyjamas and hadn't brushed my hair! I was able to tell the audience that we still need money to run the project this year and a lot of our fund-raising activities, like collecting money at Xmas markets and bag-packing at supermarkets won't be able to take place.  People in Sheffield are always very generous and I have no doubt that the money from our loyal donors will start flooding in!"

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