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HARC 2021/22 feedback

New challenges!

This year HARC opened at a new venue – the lower hall of Victoria Hall (George Street entrance).

Due to uncertainty surrounding Covid restrictions, early in the planning stages of the project we decided to operate a takeaway service and served breakfasts from 8.30-10am and lunches from 12-1.30pm served by our volunteers from the doorway Christmas Day to New Year’s Day.

Food was a warm breakfast sandwich (bacon or sausage with a veggie option), and lunches ranged from the full Christmas dinner to pies etc., again with veggie options.

We offered all our guests a takeaway ‘goody bag’ consisting of a sandwich, cake, fruit etc., after lunch.

Numbers of guests-

Christmas Day and Boxing Day were very quiet – breakfast we served 20 meals, increasing to 35-40 people at lunchtime.

After speaking with guests, we gathered the lower numbers were possibly due to lack of public transport, poor weather, other services being open (Foodhall, City of Sanctuary and Assist all had a food offer those days from what we understand), and people being accommodated by the Council.

Numbers from 27th-31st were busier – serving 30+ breakfasts, and 60+ meals on these days.

The 28th-31st increased to around 30+ for breakfast, and 70-75 meals.

This then dropped to around 60 people on New Year’s Day – again possibly due to lack of transport into the city centre.

This amounts to approximately 1,430 meals served-

250 breakfasts

590 lunches

590 takeaways

Guest services-

Although we couldn’t allow guests into the project to eat, we did have a small number of guest services such as use of toilet facilities, a hairdresser, podiatrist, a drug worker, nurse, and emergency accommodation advice from Housing solutions.

Liz Grasso HARC PROJECT MANAGER – 14th January 2022

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