A very big thank you to the Spectrum Theatre Company who raised an amazing £705.00 at their production of A Christmas Carol.

Here is more information about what they do:-

Spectrum Theatre, Sheffield is an ‘integrated’ theatre group, that is, some of our members are diagnosed on the Autism spectrum, others not. We believe this mix benefits us all.

We formed in Spring, 2016 and together devised a play about Autism, ‘In Someone Else’s Shoes’. We have performed in a variety of venues, including the Library Theatre in March. As a result of all this, we have grown, maintaining the balance of spectrum/non-spectrum members and ‘A Christmas Carol’ was our first full-length production.

Written by Andy Gardiner, this new adaptation of ‘A Christmas Carol’ was set in Sheffield 2017. Andy realised so much of what Dickens has to say about a grossly unfair society in 1843 resonates in 2017 Britain and his observations on society can apply to life in Sheffield as much as life in London. So in our production, Scrooge was the unscrupulous businessman with a Payday Loans Company and Bob Cratchit, his impoverished clerk, had a zero-hours contract.

It was a sell-out! Over the three nights, 750 people came along.

We are delighted that a bucket collection at the end of each performance raised a total £1400 to share between two Sheffield Charities which support the homeless – HARC and Roundabout.

In Spring, 2018, whilst continuing to tour ‘Shoes’, we will be working on two new plays about Autism, one about women on the spectrum, the other about the experience of parents of children with the condition.

For more information, see our website: spectrumtheatresheffield.com