The Sunday Centre is a project based in the city centre that serves homeless and vulnerable people. Our mission is quite simple – we open our doors at 1.30 every Sunday and provide a safe friendly place for people to come who may otherwise be on the streets or sat on their own if they do have somewhere to stay. We provide a good hot two-course meal. We feed between 75 and 90 people a week.

The Sunday Centre has always worked closely with HARC. Many of our service users (our Guests) use the services of HARC over the Christmas and New Year period. There has always been a good exchange of volunteers, with many of our volunteers working with HARC over Christmas and people who started their volunteering with HARC moving into our project so they can help people all year round.

HARC has also been an essential source of financial help to us. It is not easy to run a Sunday dinner project all year round. We do get some food donations but have to buy most of our food and supplies. We also have to meet the cost of using our rooms and things like an insurance premium.

HARC has stepped forward on a number of occasions to help us with substantial donations of money and without that help our project would have had to close its doors and the 75 to 90 people we look after on Sunday would have had nowhere to go and no meal.

HARC is a key friend and supporter of the Sunday Centre and our Guests

Steve Clark – Chair – The Sunday Centre