Our volunteer recruitment for this year has closed.  If you would like to volunteer for next year’s project, please get in touch.

We have 7 different types of volunteer roles over the Christmas project:

  • Shift Leaders
  • Deputy Shift Leaders
  • General Volunteers – split into two roles –  Experienced and New General Volunteers
  • Kitchen Assistant Volunteers
  • Cook Volunteers
  • Entertainment/Activities/Guest Services Volunteers
  • Clothes Store Lead

As well as volunteering on the actual project, we are always in need of volunteers to help with our fundraising events, marketing and ad hoc activities which take place usually from September to December.

Contact us at harc.sheffield@virgin.net or phone on 07523 927318, for more information.

We also need Community Ambassadors throughout the year to promote the work of HARC, and to help out at various events.

If you are interested in becoming a Community Ambassador, please get in touch.

Things to Note:

  • Volunteering slots on certain days such as Christmas Day and Boxing Day are very popular, and fill up very quickly.
  • We aim to balance each shift with experienced and new volunteers, so you might not always get on the shift you would like, but we will aim to accommodate you where we can.
  • Please don’t sign up to more than three shifts.
  • We have created a Reserve rota on the end of each General and Kitchen Shift.  Please only add a maximum of three Reserves Shifts in addition to your other shifts.
  • From September onwards we are very busy gearing up the project but we will try to respond as quickly as possible to your enquiries.
  • Please be patient as we are staffed entirely by volunteers and only one part time project manager, we will work as quickly as we can!


Previous experience working for HARC as a Deputy Shift Leader is essential for this role.

Duties include:

  • Responsibility for practical operations and smooth running of the shift
  • Liaise with previous and/or following Shift Leader, cook and Project Lead
  • Allocation and management of jobs/activities
  • Resourcing and management of Clothing Store
  • Dealing with conflicts and guest exclusions in conjunction with Archer project duty staff


Previous experience of working for HARC is required for this role.

Duties include:

  • Deputising for the Shift Leader
  • Organisation of rota and signup sheet for guests to access various services
  • Liaise with Shift Leader about emergency clothing

There are usually 20 General Volunteers per shift and two shifts per day- this will be split into Experienced General Volunteers, and New General Volunteers.  If you have volunteered for us before, you can apply to become an Experienced General Volunteer.

As a General Volunteer the role includes:

  • Socialising with guests
  • Working on the reception desk (welcoming, signing in guests, personal belongings etc.)
  • Working in the clothing store
  • Assisting with activities (games, bingo etc.)
  • Providing table service to guests at mealtimes
  • Serving hot and cold drinks to guests


Previous experience working in the kitchen for HARC is required for this role.

Examples of the role of a Cook Volunteer include:

  • Overall responsibility for the smooth running of the HARC kitchen, volunteers and food preparation
  • Providing a short briefing to all Kitchen Volunteers – an overview of the kitchen and allocation of tasks in the kitchen
  • Responsibility for all food preparation
  • Ensuring that only Kitchen Volunteers come into the kitchen
  • Deciding on quantity control (e.g.-for second helpings)
  • Helping to prepare for the next kitchen shift
  • Responsibility for cleanliness of kitchen at end of the shift


No previous experience is required for this role. Volunteers in the kitchen will be under the supervision of an experienced cook.

There are usually six kitchen volunteers per shift and there are three shifts per day.

Examples of the role of a Kitchen Volunteer include:

  • Food preparation and cooking
  • Cleaning kitchen and other kitchen duties
  • Maintaining a cooks log
  • Help with keeping food store


To work in the HARC Clothes Store

Duties will include-

  • to oversee the smooth running of the Clothes Store
  • checking on stock levels
  • sorting out donations of clothing that come into the Store during the project
  • managing a voucher system to ensure fair distribution of clothing to guests
  • Further information on managing the Clothes Store will be made available to leads before the project starts.

Open to Experienced General Volunteers only


We like to keep our guests entertained, as the days can be long over Christmas.

Any ideas as to what activities can be run by you are welcome and we can cover the basic costs of materials. Games, lives music, arts and crafts are all popular.

Services such as GP / Dentistry / Hairdressing / Podiatry / Massage / Physiotherapy are all welcome too.