What to expect when you volunteer

We are grateful to our volunteers, and wouldn’t be here without you. However, we recognise that volunteering at HARC isn’t for everybody.  Our guests can often lead chaotic lifestyles and experience a wide range of emotions including isolation and loneliness at this difficult time of year.  As a result, their behaviour can be challenging at times, which can be related to issues surrounding mental health, drugs, alcohol and discrimination that they may encounter.

We do provide support for our volunteers during difficult sessions over the project, but you should be aware of these issues before you decide to volunteer.

To volunteer for HARC, we are looking for people who

  • have a caring nature
  • are non-judgemental and respectful
  • have good listening and communication skills
  • are reliable
  • have the ability to maintain confidentiality

It is desirable but not essential to have knowledge of the issues that may be affecting our guests.

Please read our excellent Blog by SheffGives, about what it is like to volunteer for HARC here.

You can also listen to an interview carried out by Radio Sheffield with one of our Shift Leaders at last year’s project on Christmas Day 2017.