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HARC 2023



This year, HARC opened again in the lower hall of Victoria Hall.


We served breakfasts from 8.30-10am and lunches from 12-1.30pm served by our volunteers Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day inside the Lower Hall.  We were also able to offer a number of other guest services such as podiatry, hairdressing, nursing services, housing advice and a dentist.


Food was a warm breakfast sandwich, and lunches ranged from the full Christmas dinner to pies etc., again with veggie options.  Hot drinks were available all day, and a breakfast bar also operated.

We offered all our guests a takeaway ‘goody bag’ consisting of a sandwich, cake, fruit etc., after lunch.


Numbers of guests

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were fairly quiet, and we served 65 breakfasts, 100 lunches on the 24th, and 55 breakfasts, 125 lunches on Christmas Day (including some to hostels).

Numbers from 27th-1st were much busier – serving 80+ breakfasts, and 120+ meals on these days.

This amounts to approximately 1,862 meals served-

769 breakfasts

1,093 lunches

plus 900 takeaway bags.

Guest services

Once again, we had a number of guest services such as use of shower and laundry facilities,  hairdressers, a podiatrist, dentist, drug workers, community nurses, and emergency accommodation advice from Housing Solutions and Framework.


Liz Grasso HARC PROJECT MANAGER – 2nd January 2024




















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