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We rely on over 300 volunteers (aged 18+) every year to deliver services to our guests and we couldn’t do it without them. Volunteering opportunities range from socialising with and welcoming guests, helping to cook and serve food to providing services such as hairdressing, dentistry, healthcare or running arts & crafts activities. We also rely on volunteers, throughout the year, for help with other critical activities so that we are ready to open the doors on Christmas Day.


However, volunteering at HARC isn’t for everyone.  Our guests often lead chaotic lifestyles which often includes the use of drugs and alcohol. These substances can result in, or exacerbate, problems with their mental health.  The Christmas and New Year period also has an effect on emotions and as a result, our guests may demonstrate challenging behaviour. There is always support for our volunteers at the project, but you should be aware of these issues before you volunteer.


What are we looking for in our volunteers?

People who:

  • have a caring nature

  • are non-judgemental and respectful

  • have good listening and communication skills

  • are reliable

  • have the ability to maintain confidentiality


It also helps if you have knowledge and/or experience of the issues that affect our guests.


We have different types of volunteers.

​We strongly recommend to new volunteers that they have a taster session at  Sunday Centre that operates a similar service to HARC , at the Victoria Hall, every Sunday afternoon.  This gives potential new volunteers at taste of what volunteering  for HARC will involve.   Please contact the Sunday Centre  for more details.

Our commitment to you - what you can expect from HARC 

  • Ensure that building is risk assessed so that it is safe to work in

  • To ensure policies are up to date for safety

  • Clear induction and training days 

  • To have a clear briefing before and after your shift

  • Regular communication to keep you informed

  • To be reimbursed for agreed expenses

  • Public liability insurance to cover your volunteer activities

  • To be treated fairly and with respect

  • Confidentiality in respect of volunteers details

  • Follow our Volunteer Complaints policy appropriately should any problems arise


Your commitment to us - HARC expects from you 

  • Familiarise yourself with the signing up to volunteer procedure

  • Support HARC’s aims and values appropriately

  • Reliably, responsibly and safely carry out your agreed volunteer role

  • Read and follow our guidance, policies and procedures

  • Attend the HARC training

  • Reply to communications from HARC if requested

  • Call the HARC number (07523 927318) if you are unable to attend your shift 

  • Arrive promptly in time for the shift briefing at the start of your shift

  • Work as part of a team, with other HARC volunteers and staff

  • Have a friendly, flexible and supportive attitude

  • Treat everyone you encounter when volunteering with fairness and respect

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