A big THANK YOU to everyone- all our donors and volunteers – for helping support HARC Christmas 2018.
With your help and support, over the days that the HARC project was open, we provided around 100 guests each day with warmth, food, companionship, activities and entertainment at a crucial time when many other services are closed.
In addition, this year we had other services including a podiatrist, drugs worker and a hairdresser, as well as great entertainment and activities.
Pulling together the HARC project requires a huge amount of work behind the scenes to enable the project to get off the ground, so an extended thank you to everyone who helped prior to the project start in a wide variety of ways from fundraising to marketing to sorting clothes; we couldn’t do it without our volunteers’ help.



If you are thinking about volunteering for us this Christmas, we have teamed up with the Sheffield Sunday Centre to run some Give it a Go sessions through the year, to give people a feel for what it’s like to volunteer for HARC.
The Sunday Centre serves homeless and vulnerable people, providing hot food and drinks on a Sunday afternoon in the Victoria Hall in the City centre.
If you’re interested, or know of anyone who might be thinking of volunteering for us this year, please contact us at harc.sheffield@virgin.net for more information.
You can also read our blog post about what it’s like to volunteer for HARC, which was recently written for us by SheffGives, here