We hold a training session every year, usually at the end of November, for new volunteers. This is to:

  • Allow them to become familiar with the building where the project is held

  • Meet some of the project leads and trustees

  • Meet some of the volunteers that they will be working with (this includes Shift and Deputy Shift Leads-experience volunteers who will be supporting them

  • Give them some information about:

    • homelessness

    • drug use

    • the role of a volunteer

    • what to expect during the shift they have signed up for

HARC 2021 training

The training session this year will be on Zoom and is for experienced volunteers only and will take place on the 14th Dec, 19:30-21:00.


The aim of this training will be to:

  • Introduce volunteers to Victoria Hall

  • Inform volunteers about the new shifts

  • Discuss the new roles and responsibilities of a volunteer

  • Reassure volunteers about the support available

  • Ensure that everyone understands the procedures relating to COVID-19

  • Remind volunteers of the training opportunities

  • Answer any questions


The Zoom training was recorded for those that are not able to attend. Please click on the button below to view. Notes from the meeting are also available below.

On-line training opportunities for all volunteers

We would like to introduce you to an e-learning resource called HelpForce, Volunteer Learning which has been put together through the NHS by Health Education England.  It is open to everyone and easy to register. There are many units that you may find interesting but the ones that we would recommend are:

  • Coronovirus Resources for Volunteers

  • Conflict Resolution for Volunteers

  • Mental Health Awareness for Volunteers

  • Communication for Volunteers

Click here for access to the registration page of the website.

There is also an on-line training course from the British Red Cross called Training for Coronovirus.  Click here for access.