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Have a look at the video below to familiarise yourself with the venue that is used for the project.

Every year we produce a handbook for volunteers with the information they need before arriving at the project.  Have a look at the project handbook for last year to get an ideal of what is involved.  Reading through the handbook may lead you to think of some questions that you may have before volunteering with us.

On-line training opportunities for all volunteers

We would like to introduce you to an e-learning resource called Volunteer Learning which has been put together through the NHS by Health Education England.  It is open to everyone and easy to register. There are many units that you may find interesting but the ones that we would recommend are:​

  • Conflict Resolution for Volunteers

  • Mental Health Awareness for Volunteers

  • Communication for Volunteers

  • Safeguarding for Adults

Click here for access to the registration page of the website.

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