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Parish Nursing Project

A very big thank you to the nurses from the Parish Nursing Project at St Matthew's Church, Sheffield who supported HARC this year.

Michaela Suckling, from the project, saw 37 clients, some with complex needs which she fed back to appropriate services. Help ranged from wound dressing to mental health and assessment, and signposting to appropriate services such as GPs and some medical advice and informatio

Here is a short overview of some of the guests that Michaela helped this year-

"I put a gentleman in a taxi to A and E with a referral letter for emergency assessment. I am sure he would not have gone otherwise and he was reluctant to call an ambulance as he had waited 10 hours previously. This was a life threatening condition which the volunteers identified as urgent and was dealt with at the guests pace which helped him to engage and get the help he needed.

Another client was supported during her dental examination while two teeth were extracted, she'd had issues with her teeth for months but was terrified of the dentist, their immediate availability really made a difference for her, not only in managing her anxiety but getting relief.

Another was referred to his GP for antibiotics for a chest infection. He had put off seeking help until I pointed out he had a temperature. low oxygen levels and crackles on both his lungs which meant he needed urgent assessment, I gave him my assessment findings which gave him confidence to persist in getting seen.

The podiatrists were also fantastic, I referred a client with chilblains and diabetes and another with an infected injection site. It was great that they could be seen so quickly and that we could reinforce each other's messages about where to get further help and follow up."

Thank you once again for all the amazing work that you do!

Here's a short clip about their work

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